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Current-TV CEO Joel Hyatt criticized the major cable news networks, taking specific aim at MSNBC, which targets the same liberal audience as Current, by calling the network a “confused and inauthentic brand.”

Hyatt was in Washington yesterday to help kick off Current’s new morning show featuring Bill Press, and then sat down with FishbowlDC to talk about the cable news business.

In Hyatt’s view, CNN has become a victim of its own “news” legacy and has “lost its way,” while Fox is an “infotainment” network at best.

As for MSNBC, Hyatt said that the network was “liberal by accident” and that the network wasn’t a real brand, while Current TV is “liberal because of who we are.”

That may be true since MSNBC didn’t start off as the left-wing network it has become. Fox News, on the other hand, did start out to be a conservative-leaning network, offering “fair and balanced” coverage not found on the other networks. But the fact remains that the accidental liberals are thumping the intentional liberals in the ratings, and that may hurt Hyatt even more than seeing Fox News beat the two networks combined.

What’s really puzzling is why Hyatt and his pal Al Gore thought that the country needed and would support another left-wing network, intentional or accidental.

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