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Back in November I wrote about a CSI: Miami episode that sympathized with a character that was taking marijuana to relieve the pain she was suffering from her cancer treatments. I thought this was a slimy way for the writers of the show to promote their viewpoint by having a police show tacitly endorse the use of an illegal substance. I also thought that this episode would be the end of such tactics on this show, but I was wrong.

On the January 9th episode agent Eric Delko’s sister Marisol, who is suffering from breast cancer was arrested for buying five baggies of what appeared to be marijuana. Instead of going straight to jail though the heroic Lt. Horatio Caine of the crime lab intervened and brought her to the lab while he investigated the charges. While she was waiting her brother spotted her and this was part of their conversation;

Marisol: I lied to Lt. Caine, I said that it was just for me, but I uh I also bought for my group.

Delko: You bought for your entire cancer support group?

Marisol: They’re in so much pain Eric, most of them can’t get around.

This would have been an excellent opportunity to discuss the dangers of marijuana, but heaven forbid that should happen since the motive here was to gain viewers sympathy rather than focus on an illegal act.

The drugs seized tested positive for marijuana and it was over an ounce so that meant it was now a felony and mandatory jail time which Delko and Caine admitted Marisol wouldn’t survive. Caine then said he would take care of getting a lawyer for Marisol and began a campaign to help her. In talking with the state attorney he told her that there were extenuating circumstances relating the cancer story, but didn’t get any sympathy. Then he found the dealer and with his confession that most of the drugs he sold were fake, the charge was reduced to a misdemeanor.

I wonder what would happen to the criminal justice system if police officers routinely intervened on behalf of those that are arrested because they sympathized with their plight. Can you say chaos?

The writers can get away with this since CSI: Miami is a perennial top 10 show, but they are doing the public and the police forces of this country a great disservice by pushing this agenda.

What’s next? Pro marijuana groups advertising on future episodes? A message on how to get medical marijuana laws passed in state legislatures?

Maybe CSI really stands for Cannabis Smokers International.

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