Accuracy in Media

The CSI television series has become a huge ratings juggernaut over the last few years and has increased interest in crime scene investigations and forensic science and medicine across the country. That is probably a good thing. What isn’t so good is when the writers use the show to make a political statement in a program designed to entertain.

Last night on CSI Miami, agent Eric Delko was accused of buying marijuana from a dealer and was subjected to investigation by the police department’s Internal Affairs Division throughout the episode. He even tested positive for THC the main active ingredient of marijuana. It looked like his career was about to end and then came the twist. Agent Delko’s sister Marisol showed up at the police department and told the main character Lt. Horatio Caine that she had discovered a lump several months ago and had been undergoing chemotherapy and that her brother stayed with her while she “medicated” which explains his positive urine test. She explained that she took it mostly for the nausea and Caine nodded in sympathy.

I would have hoped that Caine would have given Marisol a lecture of the dangers of taking marijuana and since it is an illegal substance that she should have been charged with possession. Silly me, what was I thinking? That Hollywood would actually do the right thing just because the show takes place in Florida where medical marijuana isn’t legal and that a cop that supplied his sister would lose his job for doing something illegal? Oh, no that would have sent the wrong message about drug legalization and we can’t have that now can we?

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