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Hollywood liberals struck again in last night’s episode of “Crossing Jordan”, a show dealing with the Medical Examiner’s office in Boston.

In the episode titled “33 Bullets” the city erupts into violence and mayhem after a young boy is shot 33 times by four Boston Police officers.  This creates a situation whereby Nigel and Dr. Switzer are victims of a carjack and flee the scene to a nearby store which has been looted.  While in the store Switzer complains of being hungry and Nigel offers her some of the junk food that was still in the store.  Swizter comments that she doesn’t process sugar very well in her normal cold tone.  Then the viewers get the following exchange;

Nigel: So, how long have you suffered from ACS?

Switzer looks at Nigel quizzically

Nigel: Ann Coulter Syndrome, where the afflicted gains strength through the hatred of others.

That’s a real accurate description of Ann. Not! And exactly what does this have to do with the show?  Absolutely nothing. It was just another vicious attack by the Hollywood left against a successful conservative whom they happen to hate and to politicize yet another show.

There was a time when television was actually entertaining and fun.  Thanks to the Hollywood left they have turned it into a moral cesspool and as a platform for their favorite causes.

Vote with your remote and cross Jordan off your list of shows to watch.

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