Accuracy in Media

Here’s a shock. I actually agree with Katie Couric. Katie told USA Today that what the Today show needs is “to get back to its hard news roots. I think were slipping into a tabloid mode.” She hit the nail on head. Ever since the O.J trial we have been subjected to story after story like the Robert Blake murder trial , Martha Stewart’s prison watch and the granddaddy of them all, Michael Jackson. Since when is Michael Jackson showing up to court wearing his pajamas a news story?

Now the real question is will Katie and the gang move towards “hard news” or will we still be subjected to all this fluff. I have to admit I can barely watch The O’Reilly Factor or Hannity and Colmes because they too have given many of these subjects way too much airtime.

 Let me know when news actually returns to news shows and I’ll start tuning in again.

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