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Women voters aren’t crazy about Hillary Clinton, but according to Cook Political Report editor Amy Walter, they plan to vote for her because they dislike Donald Trump more.

Walter made her comments on Fox News Sunday with host Chris Wallace while discussing Trump’s reaction to a New York Times story that detailed how the billionaire businessman and presumptive Republican nominee treated women in the past.

Trump issued a tweet responding to the story, calling the media “totally dishonest.”

Wallace: “Amy, do you think that this adds to the problems that Trump already has with women voters?

Walter: I don’t think it helps him, but when I sit and I talk with women voters, I just sat in a couple focus groups this past week in Pennsylvania, the women there—not happy with many of his past statements about women. But what they were the most concerned about was the issue of his overall judgment, where I heard woman after woman saying, ‘I worry that he is going to get us in trouble,’ meaning with the rest of the world…What is it going to mean if he is Commander-in-Chief and the President of the United States?”

Wallace said he was curious if the focus groups were asked about the Clintons and not just Trump.

“Look I think the perceptions of Hillary Clinton, let’s be really clear, these women even though some of them were swing women voters, some of them were Democrats, they’re not in love with Hillary Clinton. Right now, their vote for Hillary Clinton is much more a vote against Donald Trump than it is a support of her,” Walter said.

Even though neither Trump nor Clinton have officially sewed up their party’s nomination, they will undoubtedly be facing each other in November, leaving voters to choose between two candidates with historically high unfavorability ratings. Clinton has the edge at this point as her net favorability ratings is -12 versus Trump’s at -24, which makes this race look more like a choice between the lesser of two evils than one befitting the presidency of the U.S.

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