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Conservative Websites Mislead Readers on Rachel Maddow Ratings

Two conservative websites jumped on the news that Rachel Maddow’s ratings plummeted the day after her big Trump tax return reveal, without fully explaining that the drop was to be expected after she set a ratings record for the overly-hyped show.

The initial report, from FoxNews.com and repeated by the Washington Free Beacon, gleefully stated that Maddow’s total audience dropped 36 percent and that the key demo was off 54 percent for her show the next day.

Those figures are true. But Fox News should have pointed out that Maddow’s audience was coming off an abnormally high audience number and still drew a healthy 2.653 million viewers, placing her 7th on all of television for her time slot.

That’s probably an unsustainable level for the show long term, but nevertheless conservative websites should still report the figures in their proper context. Doing otherwise only leaves them vulnerable to charges of fake and biased news, which is really the bastion of the liberal media.