Accuracy in Media

Insight magazine, the conservative weekly launched in 1985 to provide an antidote to Time, Newsweek and U.S. News & World Report has ceased publication. Suffering for years from continued losses the publisher, News World Communcations, Inc. announced the closing two weeks ago shocking many long time employees.

The magazine while providing some of the best investigative journalism in the country it never gained much traction with subscribers or advertisers. When publication ceased there were just 30,000 subscribers and 7 ad pages per issue or 12% in an industry where 60% ad pages is the norm. The magazie was competing with the big three whose combined circulation is about 9 million.

Insight managing editor, Paul Rodriguez told The Washington Post that he was optimistic about finding new investors. I wish him well. The history of conservative magazines finding new owners is not very good. A few years ago noted writer George Gilder took control of The American Spectator and it was so disastrous that he basically gave the magazine back to it’s previous owners. So if you want some Insight check the web site while it is still functioning, just don’t expect the same level of writing that you have been used to.

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