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America’s Survival, led by veteran journalist Cliff Kincaid, has launched a new campaign urging Fox News CEO Roger Ailes to bring Glenn Beck back to the network.

In an interview at CPAC this weekend Kincaid told me of his concerns that Beck, who left Fox News last year and is now airing his own programming on the Internet on his subscriber based GBTV, was a victim of left-wing, George Soros-funded efforts to pressure Fox to part company with Beck.

Beck, who became quite controversial for statements he made on the air, was a viewer favorite at Fox and had consistently drawn high ratings during his tenure. But he elicited the wrath of the left for daring to expose Soros for his left-wing activities. They had pressured advertisers to withdraw from his program, leaving Fox in the difficult bind of having a highly-rated program, with declining ad revenues.

Kincaid thinks that Fox has begun drifting to the left with what he said was the hiring of “left-wing feminist commentators” Sally Kohn and Jehmu Greene, who he said used to run Project Vote, an ACORN front group. He added that he was hearing from people who said that if they wanted to hear from Kohn or Greene they would tune into MSNBC.

According to Kincaid, Beck has acknowledged the campaign and thanked him for his efforts, but said that he is content running GBTV in addition to his radio program.

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