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The nation’s first conservative film festival kicked off this past weekend at the Studio Movie Grill in Dallas. And it was a rousing success.

Attended by some 200-250 people the festival titled the American Film Renaissance showcased about 25 films including shorts ( 30 minutes or less ) and covered a wide range of subjects. Since many films ran concurrently and were not repeated I wasn’t able to see all of them, but I will give a rundown of what I did view.

The first film I saw was produced by Showtime Networks and aired on the cable network in 2003. It is called DC 9/11: A Time of Crisis and stars Timothy Bottoms. Overall it’s a good movie and the portrayals of President Bush and his cabinet are very fair. Definitely worth seeing if you have a couple of hours.

 On Saturday I saw more films in one day than I usually see in an entire year. The morning started off with The Siege of Western Civilization by Herb Meyer. This was developed out of a talk he gave and is interesting, but suffers from the “talking head” syndrome as we have a lot of Herb and very little graphics. The production quality is okay, not great. Meyer by the way is a great self promoter.

Next up was Accuracy In Media’s new documentary Confronting Iraq. At the risk of appearing biased I will defer from making any comments except to say you need to see it.

Operation Eagle Strike, was produced by a couple of college students who went to an anti-ward protest in Washington, DC last October and went around doing interviews with the protestors. This movie is a perfect lesson in what the left does so well, guerrilla warfare so to speak. There is nothing better than the left trying to explain their positions without all the talking points. It struck me that 35 years after the height of the Vietnam war protests we have a large group of young people who are largely protesting because they don’t like the President, yet they have no idea who the sponsors of the demonstrations are or what they stand for. Some things never change.

Author and pundit Ann Coulter evokes strong emotions from the right and the left and until I saw Is It True What They Say About Ann?, I didn’t realize what a lightning rod she is. This 38 minute documentary follows Ann around as she lectures in different settings around the country and contains interviews with Bill Maher and Susan Estrich of all people. My take, Ann is brilliant.

The best movie showing what is happening on our college campuses and the beating conservatives take from liberal administrators and faculty is Brain Washing 101. This movie takes you to Bucknell, Cal Poly and the University of Tennessee exposing some of the most ridiculous examples of political correctness. This is available on dvd or you can watch it on their web site. It is about 50 minutes long so buying the dvd may be a better idea.

The last movie I viewed was Michael and Me by Larry Elder. I like Larry Elder. However, this movie which is his answer to Moore’s academy award winning (shows the bias of the academy)  Bowling For Columbine needs some work. It contains some great interviews and makes a good point for gun ownership and why gun control laws don’t work. At the same time the movie is not tightly edited and often drifts which caused me to lose interest as the film dragged on. While it could be better, at the current time there isn’t a movie that combats this particular Moore movie and makes the point for freedom and gun ownership as well as this one does.

 This festival is just the beginning. The left for years have had their celebrated festivals, most notably Robert Redford’s Sundance Film Festival. Now it’s the conservatives turn. In October there will be another film festival showing many of the same films but this time in the belly of the beast, Hollywood. Show your support for these events by attending or making a donation.

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