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Is it possible for conservatives to practice their own form of censorship. Well apparently the answer to that question is yes. My organization Accuracy In Media recently tried to run an ad on the conservative web site to promote our online store. Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? Particularly since we advertised the same material previously.

Here is the e-mail response we received when we tried to advertise;

Mike, I just wanted to let you know that we had some complaints about a few of your bumper stickers on the site (namely the Clinton ones). Not so much that people like Clinton here, but they felt it was unnecessarily bashing another person and didn’t like the approach. Would there be a way for us to link to your site through this advertisement, but not to have these bumper stickers?



In response to this e-mail I asked my contact at l why they had caved in to a few complaints and this is the answer that I received;

Thanks Don. We’re not bowing to pressure ? in fact, the complainers were conservatives we really respect and tend to agree with. We try to maintain a constructive attitude on the site, rather than a desire to tear down others (even liberals!). We really love what you guys stand for, and I’m pretty sure you also wouldn’t want to be seen as a group that uses negative attacks rather than intelligent efforts toward positive change. Am I wrong?

Either way, we love AIM and Laura’s decision is nothing personal against your organization at all. We have to maintain some editorial control, as I’m sure you understand.

Jennifer Biddison

Negative attacks? A few humorous bumper stickers that even liberals admit are funny? A look at the website shows a chat with Gary Aldrich who wrote a blistering book on the Clinton’s a few years ago, as well as a book review of Byron York’s new book which isn’t very complimentary to the Clintons either. If they were so concerned about not tearing down others then these things must go as well.

Towhall has now joined the ranks of google who denied AIM advertising over our bumper stickers.  We know the google staff contributes heavily to democrats, but townhall?  

There is a term for this from the first President Bush’s term, SQUISH!

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