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Last week on the finale of her show “Weekends With Maury & Connie” on MSNBC Connie Chung did her best send up as a torch singer. Unfortunately her viewers were the ones that got torched with her wretched performance.

She told MSNBC’s Keith Olberman this morning that it was a joke and that “I’ve never taken myself seriously, I take my work seriously.” Frankly I’m glad that Connie is willing to poke fun at herself, but I have to question her judgment as to why she chose to get dressed up in a sequined gown and sing alongside and on a piano with a piano player who wasn’t playing the piano is beyond me. My first reaction was to think she had been drinking before the show. She denies this in an interview with the New York Times and on Olberman’s show said “I guarantee you that I will sing off key.” To her it’s funny; to most of us it is bizarre.

Chung who is 59 still has time to end her career on an up note (no pun intended) but after this performance it will be difficult to imagine anyone hiring her. On the other hand  with the video up to over 500,000 views on You Tube, maybe someone will.

Then again she can always go on tour with William Hung.

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