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Colorado Tea Party Smear Not Brian Ross’ First “Blunder”

[1]ABC News investigative reporter Brian Ross suggested on Good Morning America on Friday that James Holmes, the man accused of committing mass murder in a crowded movie theater earlier that morning, might be a member of the Colorado Tea Party Patriots. For Ross, it was just the latest in a series of blunders, as Politico calls them.

According to Politico [2], Ross has made some big mistakes in other stories as well.

ABC apologized for Friday’s inaccurate report and admitted that it hadn’t been properly vetted. But given the fact that Ross has erred on more than one occasion, one would think that ABC would have tried to verify Ross’ report before letting him go on the air and turn a tragic event into a politically motivated smear against the Tea Party.

Despite this spectacular “blunder,” Ross will continue to report on the Aurora, Colorado shootings, proving that ABC isn’t all that sorry after all.