Accuracy in Media

While the Duke University lacrosse team grabs the headlines, other questionable actions by members of various college and university sports teams goes largely unnoticed.

Now thanks to website we can see how widespread the problem of indecent behavior really is on campuses nationwide. And guess what? It isn’t just men’s teams.

The site didn’t have to go spying on the antics of the athletes because in the proudest tradition of boasting the athletes actually posted pictures on the internet, available for all to see. Maybe they sport 4.0 gpa’s but they flunk when it comes to common sense.

The school that wins top honors this year from the site is none other than the Catholic University women’s lacrosse team who hired a male stripper for their team’s initiation party. What was it Billy Joel said? “Catholic girls start much too late”. Apparently not in this case.

I am still waiting to hear the outrage from NOW and other feminist groups on how this activity degrades women, but I won’t hold my breath.

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