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CNN’s senior Washington correspondent Jeff Zeleny questioned Hillary Clinton’s story that she tried to join the Marines when she was younger, calling it “unusual” given her circumstances at the time:

It seems so unusual that a Yale-educated lawyer who worked on the anti-war campaigns of McCarthy and McGovern, who had just moved to Arkansas, whose husband was about to become the attorney general of the state, would decide to want to join the Marines.

Zeleny explained that the story has been around for a number of years and that Clinton mentioned it again at a campaign stop in New Hampshire. He added that there aren’t enough details to determine whether or not this is actually the case, and said that the campaign isn’t going to offer any further comments on it.

“The questions are left to discuss here,” Zeleny said.

Clinton revived the story on Veterans Day to bolster her image with voters. But by not providing the details of her attempt to enlist, it only raises more questions about her honesty and trustworthiness, for which she is already receiving low marks from the electorate.

So much for being the most transparent candidate in U.S. history.


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