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CNN’s Jake Tapper abandoned any pretense of impartiality when it comes to President Donald Trump when he retweeted a tweet from anti-Trumper George Conway, who called Trump “100% insane” on Monday.

“He’s 100% insane, and nobody in the administration has the balls to tell him that,” he tweeted.






Conway, who is married to the White House counselor to President Trump Kellyanne Conway, was responding to a tweet from Mother Jones editor-in-chief Clara Jeffrey, who said, “Either nobody in the Trump administration has the balls to tell Trump the truth or he is 100% insane. There’s really not a lot of middle ground.”

Tapper and his colleagues have become increasingly frustrated with the fact that Trump’s approval ratings have either remained at or near all-time highs despite the media’s heavy criticism of his handling of the coronavirus crisis and even though Tapper didn’t directly call the president insane, by retweeting Conway’s tweet he tacitly approved of the sentiments that were expressed.



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