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john king 0 for 2013

During a panel discussion on President Obama’s falling poll ratings on The Situation Room, CNN’s John King said that Obama is “0 for 2013” when it comes to legislative achievements:

Go back to the State of the Union at the beginning of the year. He’s 0 for 2013. He wanted jobs programs, he wanted to raise the minimum wage. Go back through the policy list and add gun control, after Newtown; nothing. Nothing.

King said that the botched Obamacare rollout undermined Obama’s approval rating and made people question not only his competence, but the ability of the government to do anything right.

He added that the end result is that with Obama’s approval ratings around 40 percent, it gives the Republicans hope that they will gain seats in the House and maybe even capture the Senate. And that, he added, is causing jitters and panic among Democrats and makes it hard to get anything done.

Obama has been taking it on the chin lately, with PolitiFact naming his “you can keep your health care plan” promise as its Lie of the Year, while The Washington Post’s Fact Checker called it its top Pinocchio story of the year. In addition, the botched Obamacare rollout has left his second term all but dead in the water for now, and has many Democrats facing reelection next year while running for cover.

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