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CNN’s John King: “Inexcusable” That Hillary Clinton Didn’t Allow Independent Review of Email Server [Video]

cnn john king on hillary e-mails [1]

CNN’s John King said it was “inexcusable” that Hillary Clinton didn’t allow an independent review of her email server to make sure that all of the emails relating to the time that she was Secretary of State were turned over to the government:

… she still has some explaining to do on that one to the Congress. I personally think it’s inexcusable for somebody who is the keeper of government records, if you have made the decision to keep those records on a private server in your home, you don’t get to be the only person who decides, this is the government’s property, this is my property, you need somebody with a clean set of eyes and independence. She didn’t.

Clinton—who tried but failed to explain the emails and server issue in a press conference, and then tried to joke about it in a speech—will need to address this issue at some point in her presidential campaign. If not—if these questions are left unanswered—it has the potential to derail her presidential ambitions, as voters question her honesty and integrity, which well they should based on her history as a public servant.