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john king on sotu

CNN Chief National Correspondent John King appeared on CNN’s New Day on Wednesday to discuss the Democrats’ reaction to President Obama’s State of the Union speech on Tuesday night. King said he was surprised at how quickly they criticized him:

What was telling after is how quickly Democrats, vulnerable Senate Democrats were rushing to criticize the President. In the old days you just didn’t do an interview or you gave muted criticism. But you had Mark Begich of Alaska. You had Mark Udall of Colorado. You had a senator not on the ballot but a race in his state, Joe Manchin of West Virginia, saying the President was overstepping on executive action.

Things are so bad, King noted, that Begich said that he doesn’t want Obama to campaign for him, but he does want him to come to Alaska so that he can tell him how wrong he is.

For many Senate Democrats facing reelection this year, Obama is a liability, not an asset. They are hoping that by showing they are willing to criticize the President, voters might give them another term in office. But it’s all just window dressing. If reelected, they will resume being loyal Democrats again.

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