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CNN’s Inside Politics panel on Sunday ripped Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server and what she told the FBI during its investigation.

According to the FBI’s notes from Clinton’s interview, which they released on Friday, the former secretary of state used the phrase “do not recall” 39 times in answering various questions.

Inside Politics host John King said that to the Clinton campaign the documents support the FBI’s decision to not seek criminal charges, while to many others it provides more evidence that she can’t be trusted.

King noted, while throwing his hands up in the air, that Hillary Clinton has said in the past that she’s the detail person, yet she told the FBI 39 times “I do not recall.”

The Washington Post’s Dan Balz said Hillary’s behavior is nothing new for the Clinton’s:

“The other thing we know about the Clintons is that they’ve been through many investigations, many scandals and many situations in which a smart lawyer will say to a client, you know, you don’t have to answer that fully and if you don’t recall, you don’t recall.”

Balz added that Clinton has an “incomplete memory,” and that while people may have strong views about the emails—which isn’t good for her—this won’t significantly change those views.

King jumped in, reacting to Balz’s remarks.

“If you think she is dishonest, if you think she is untrustworthy, the cement hardens,” he said. “If you’re for her, you sort of roll your eyes and say, ‘I’ve got to deal with this.’”

CNN political reporter Sara Murray pointed out that while some of the emails have been difficult to digest, the revelation that Clinton was emailing about a covert drone strike operation from an unsecured server is something everyone can understand, and it gives more potency to the issue.

The Washington Post’s Abby Phillip said the transcripts showed that what Clinton did was unacceptable, defying common sense, and that this issue will continue to be a problem for her.

“There’s a difference between something that’s not criminal and something that’s still unacceptable to people,” she said. “There was still quite a bit that was unacceptable and surprising and shocking to a lot of voters. I think this will matter because it really, I think, for people, it sort of defies their common sense test and that’s a problem.”

Clinton has maintained that she did nothing wrong with regard to the emails and the private server. But each new batch of emails that is released reveals that the opposite is true, providing Donald Trump with a golden opportunity to hammer home just how dishonest and untrustworthy Clinton is.

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