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Echoing what Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd said on Sunday, CNN senior political reporter Nia-Malika Henderson said after Tuesday night’s Democratic debate that Hillary Clinton’s flip-flopping on the issues  will “dog her” during her campaign.

“This is going to dog her, this issue of flip-flopping,” Henderson said.

On Sunday Todd said that Clinton wasn’t helping herself with her “policy adjustments.”

The issue of Clinton’s flip-flops came up last night when debate moderator Anderson Cooper, citing her numerous position changes, asked Clinton whether or not she would say anything to get elected?

Clinton responded by saying that she “absorbs new information” and that as a result, the TPP, which she had called the gold standard and praised 45 times, including in her book which was released last year, no longer met her standards.

Henderson, though, seemed to side with Cooper on what lengths Clinton will go to get elected:

I think its going to be to her political benefit that she has flipped to the side of where unions are, and where much of the Democratic party is, and certainly where Bernie Sanders is. I think its going to help her,

This was a calculated political move on Clinton’s part and she knows it, as do the liberal media, as evidenced by Henderson’s remarks.

Henderson, to her credit, also picked up on Clinton saying last night that her previous position on TPP was that she ‘hoped” it would be the gold standard, rather than that it was the gold standard, which is what she really said in the past when talking about the trade deal.

“She’s doing a little fudging here in terms of what she said,” Henderson said.

That’ s not the only fudging she’s been doing. As long as the media let her get away with it there will only be more to come.

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