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Appearing on the Tom Joyner Show, CNN anchor Don Lemon weighed in on comedian Jerry Seinfeld’s recent remarks on the “PC culture.” He called political correctness “dangerous,” and said that after 25 years in the news business he believes that liberals and progressives are the “most easily offended and the least tolerant” people:

Do you allow room in your space for those who disagree with you? Do you ever call co-workers or the person you hear on the radio or see on TV stupid because you disagree with them or because they don’t hold your same opinion about an issue? If so, then you might be too politically correct for your own good, for society’s good. It’s so much of a problem lately that even comedians, the most outspoken people on the planet, like Chris Rock, are complaining about it.

Lemon then played an exchange he had with comedian Colin Quinn on his show the night before, in which Quinn agreed with Seinfeld’s assessment. Then Lemon added his view:

Here’s my take; political correctness has become dangerous.

We have to stop looking for reasons to be offended. We have to allow people leeway to make mistakes in conversations without calling them racist, bigots, stupid, dumb, sellouts and on and on. Not everyone is going to, or do they have to agree with you. In fact, it’s better when people don’t agree with you. That’s how we learn.

After almost 25 years in the news business, you know who is the most easily offended and the least tolerant: Liberals and progressives – because many of them don’t really want to hear anyone else’s opinion but their own.

Here’s a tip, if you only agree with people who hold your same political affiliation or who are of your particular race, gender or ethnicity, you are part of the political-correctness-run-amok problem.

You are actually thwarting progress instead of advancing.

While it’s good to see liberals like Lemon and Seinfeld complain about the “PC culture,” their comments fall short of admitting that this plague on our society was caused by liberals and that they have no one to blame for this mess but themselves.

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