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CNN anchor S.E. Cupp took to Twitter to express her latest opinion on President Donald Trump’s repeated criticism of the media’s reporting on the coronavirus.

“When Trump attacks the media, he wants you to hate people like me,” Cupp tweeted. “I’m fine with that. But the “media” is also thousands of reporters on the frontlines of THIS crisis and others, in war zones, refugee crises, genocides, and now COVID. Please don’t take your politics out on them.”

Cupp, who was a darling of conservatives in the late 2000s, has not hidden her disdain for Trump.

Trump has been critical of the media’s reporting of his administration — CNN in particular — but he said he does not hate the media, he just hates inaccurate and biased reporting of him and his policies.

As Cupp notes, the media is on the frontlines of this crisis, but they have largely focused on the negative aspects rather than search for positive news which Americans need to hear. For example, when the U.S. officially overtook China with the most confirmed COVID-19 confirmed cases the media rushed to report the news without any context as to the increased testing and the overall lower infection and death rates compared to European countries that were truly struggling to contain the virus.

If Cupp wants Trump to stop attacking the media, she should urge her colleagues to do a better job in covering the news.

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