Accuracy in Media

In analyzing the media environment in 2016, and what’s ahead in 2017, CNN senior international correspondent Clarissa Ward appeared on Reliable Sources and said that 2016 was a “humbling year” for reporters. She said that the public’s hatred towards the media is greater than at any time in her career.

“There’s a deep antipathy towards mainstream media at the moment,” Ward said. “And it’s stronger than I have ever felt it before.”

Ward added that many people see reporters as “part of the problem,” which makes it difficult when trying to speak to people in “good faith” and then being treated with hostility. She noted the vitriol she receives on Twitter every time she appears on TV.

This distrust of the media has been brewing for some time, and went into overdrive during the 2016 presidential campaign when the liberal media decided that Donald Trump wasn’t fit to be president, so they did all they could to prevent his election.

Ward also said that reporters need to listen to what people are saying and get out of the echo chamber, which caused them to miss with their predictions about the election.

The relationship between the press and Trump, which has been rocky at best, may not get a lot better once he takes office, and the media will only have themselves to blame for that.


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