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CNN New Day co-host Alisyn Camerota spoke openly with Jeremey Barr of The Hollywood Reporter about her sixteen years (1998-2014) at Fox News and her struggles at the network that led her to write a book Amanda Wakes Up detailing some of her experiences.

Camerota still has friends at the network and several showed up for her book party in July, but that didn’t stop her from criticizing her former employer.

Barr asked her about the Trump connection to Fox:

Do you enjoy talking about Fox News and the network’s connection to the presidency on a regular basis?

No, I don’t enjoy talking about it. I am very conflicted about talking about it. I wish I didn’t have to talk about it. I still have a lot of friends at Fox. I am very close to some people at Fox. I still socialize with people from Fox. So I don’t like talking about how they run their operation, but the times that I talk about it, it’s when the hypocrisy is so astonishing that I can’t t help but to talk about it. I remember what the talking points were there, what the mandate was there, I remember the issues that we went crazy with. That drove our news cycle for days, weeks. Now, I can’t believe that they’ve forgotten that. There are times where I just can’t believe the reversal on the air that they have done. …

They went berserk when Barack Obama would use executive action. Now, they don’t care. The idea of sitting down with dictators, the idea that Barack Obama said he might consider that — they went crazy, went berserk with that. So all I’m looking for is a little, like, position consistency. … Their 180-degree turn has been astonishing for me. Sometimes it is just hard for me to imagine what Roger Ailes would say about all of that. …

I’m not trying to go rogue. I’m not trying to insult them. I’m trying to point out there is a major discrepancy between what the mission statement, as I understood it, was and what they’re now saying.

Camerota also said that Fox News was anything but “fair and balanced” in her mind.

When you were at Fox, was there a big gap between what you believed and what you said on air?

When I was there, I wrestled with this all the time. I struggled with it all the time. Trying to keep my job while trying to also preserve my own ethics and moral compass and I struggled with it so much that I wrote a book about it. Amanda Wakes Up was born out of the knowledge that their imbalance was neither fair nor balanced, and my frustrations boiled over into my having to write about it. Because I didn’t really have anywhere I could go to vent all of my frustrations about it because Roger was judge and jury, and so I just had to process some of it and it spilled out onto the page. So, I have been feeling — the hypocrisy of fair and balanced, I’ve been wrestling with for a long time.

Yet despite these conflicts and struggles, Camerota remained with the network for more nearly two decades before eventually finding a new and presumably happier home with CNN which struggles to report the news fairly and accurately which doesn’t seem to bother her now.

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