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CNN’s Wolf Blitzer lamented the boarding up of businesses in Washington, D.C., in anticipation of potential violence as a result of Tuesday’s election.

Blitzer tweeted his feelings Saturday.

“I never thought I would see so many buildings here in the nation’s capital boarded-up on the eve of a presidential election in anticipation of possible unrest. And it’s not just in DC. It’s happening in New York, Los Angeles and elsewhere around the country. So sad!”

The tweet included a short video showing boarded-up buildings in D.C.

Blitzer didn’t give any real context to the situation and left many viewers with the impression that the expected unrest is due to Trump supporters who will take to the streets if the president fails to win re-election on Tuesday when in fact it’s exactly the opposite with any likely riots and property damage to be fueled by supporters of Antifa and Black Lives Matter who have wreaked havoc in cities across America over the last five months.

It’s yet another attempt by CNN to sow fear in the hearts of voters and steer them away from Trump and towards Biden.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) was having none of Blitzer’s bias.

It was just a little more than two weeks ago than House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif) called Blitzer a GOP “apologist,” which this latest tweet definitely confirms he is not.



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