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CNN contributor and former adviser to Bill Clinton adviser Paul Begala disputed that Clinton was treated lightly by the feminist community and the media over his alleged sexual assaults and harassment.

Jake Tapper started the conversation by mentioning recent New York Times opinion pieces that said maybe they weren’t harsh enough on Clinton at the time, and that “maybe he shouldn’t have been able to get away with what he got away with.”

They also said the media and the feminist community should have further condemned his behavior.

“That conversation did occur 20 years ago,” Begala said. “It’s just a lot of people weren’t around when it did.”

“That conversation did happen at the time, and he didn’t get away with anything,” Begala continued.  “He was investigated, he was litigated, he was impeached, he had finally, after lying about the affair, admitted it, apologized—multiple times, in a very heartfelt way, privately as well as publicly—and the country forgave him.”

Tapper then reminded Begala that the Lewinsky scandal wasn’t the only sex scandal that occurred during Clinton’s presidency.

“But that’s one of the many allegations against him. There’s Paula Jones, there’s Gennifer Flowers, there’s Juanita Broaddrick, there’s Kathleen Willey. There’s a bunch,” Tapper said.

Begala stuck to his defense of the former president.

“All of which were investigated, litigated, adjudicated,” he said.

“We gave Ken Starr $70 million and 78 FBI agents in two years, President Clinton is the most investigated person in American history. And people arrived where they arrived. And it was not a close call,” Begala continued.

Begala then highlighted Clinton’s job performance that all was forgiven.

“By the overwhelming majority, they thought he was a good man who did a bad thing and should remain as our president because he was doing a great job. He left office after all of that, the most popular president in the history of polling,” Begala added.

“It doesn’t mean people approved of that. They condemned it rightfully. But it’s because they decided he was a good person doing a good job who did a very bad thing and asked for forgiveness. He apologized, he admitted, he confessed, and he begged for forgiveness,” Begala concluded.

Liberals and the media have come to the painful realization that Clinton’s past misdeeds should and would be treated differently under today’s standards and that his behavior towards women as president was far worse than they led the public to believe.


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