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CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta, who has been a frequent target of President Trump’s attempt to combat fake news, told the Daily Beast that while the frequent confrontations with the White House make him “uncomfortable” he has no plans to stop being aggressive with the administration.

“He [Trump] cannot stop a free press. It isn’t going to happen. It’s just patently un-American. I think there would be tremendous pushback from Capitol Hill to California, and there would be a hue and cry in this country.”

Acosta said it’s his job to be aggressive even if it antagonizes the White House.

“There are days when you can’t be the shrinking violet,” he said. “I’m going to do my damn job.”

That includes sending out tweets like this one trying to guilt Sarah Sanders into calling on CNN during the White House press briefing,

Sanders shot back, putting Acosta in his place.

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