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CNN, a consistent cable news ratings laggard, received a little bit of good news when it beat all cable channels during the month of February in social media mentions.

The report, issued by social media analytics firm TrendrrTV, said that CNN received nearly 13% of all social media mentions on cable, narrowly beating entertainment channel MTV but easily outdistancing its cable news rivals Fox News and MSNBC.

CNN benefited from its coverage of the GOP primaries, as well as from hosting a Republican presidential debate, which always gets the twitterstream going. They also benefited by carrying live coverage of pop diva Whitney Houston’s funeral.

The network had 144% more mentions than its closest cable news rival, MSNBC, and crushed Fox News with 718% more mentions.

CNN’s success in social media can be largely attributed to its aggressive policy promoting the use of Twitter on many of its programs, plus its various Twitter accounts, which include Piers Morgan and Anderson Cooper with over two million followers each. Compare that to Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly of Fox News who have 113,000 and 158,000 Twitter followers respectively.

The only thing the social media crown is good for is bragging rights, but when you have been struggling as much as CNN has you will take what you can get.

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