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On Tuesday, CNN reporter Jessica Yellin critiqued a new 20-page booklet released by President Obama’s campaign which outlined his goals for a second term, and told anchor Carol Costello that “there’s not anything significantly new in here.”

COSTELLO: It is interesting that he puts out this plan because the big critique about him has been that he has no plan for a second term. He keeps going over what he terms as accomplishments, but nothing will really change in a second term, and I’m just wondering why it took him till fourteen days before the election to put a plan out.

YELLIN: I wouldn’t put it that way because he has put this out before. He’s just never put it out in a booklet like this. We heard these same details at the Democratic convention. We’ve heard them from his mouth on the campaign stump for days and months and weeks. And so my point is there’s not anything significantly new in here. It’s just all compiled in a nice booklet now. So we get the point that there is something, but you can still critique it for lacking details about will he pursue immigration reform — what specifically would the tax reform plan look like drilling down into the details.

The booklet, “The New Economic Patriotism: A Plan For Jobs & Middle-Class Security”  is very slick, with plenty of pictures and sprinkled with Obama’s promises for second term. As Yellin said, there isn’t anything new in the booklet, because all the Obama campaign has done is recycle and repackage promises Obama originally made as far back as 2009, and they are trying to make them sound like they are new.

It was refreshing to see a reporter, especially one at CNN, speak the truth about the Obama campaign. But she might find herself getting kicked off the bus for future campaign events.

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