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CNN jumped on the bandwagon that all Americans — especially Trump supporters — need to be “deprogrammed” because of the negative influence the president has had on his followers.

Cult expert Steve Hassan, a former member of the Unification Church, told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota on Tuesday that “all of America needs deprogramming,” especially those that were responsible for the Capitol Hill riots two weeks ago.

“In studying all the thought-reform brainwashing models, I’ve developed a BITE model of authoritarian control, and it basically talks about controlling behavior, information, thoughts and emotions to create a new identity that’s dependent and obedient,” Hassan said.

“And this is a radical personality change in the mental health literature, in the APA DSM-5. It’s called the dissociative disorder, questioning of identity. And the bottom line is, all of America needs deprogramming because we’ve all been negatively influenced by Donald Trump,” he added.

Hassan isn’t alone in calling for deprogramming.
Last week Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson wondered how do we “deprogram” millions of members of Trump’s “cult”?
Former NBC and CBS anchor Katie Couric told HBO host Bill Maher that lawmakers loyal to Trump need to be deprogrammed.
“I mean, it’s really bizarre, isn’t it, when you think about how AWOL so many of these members of Congress have gotten. But I also think some of them are believing the garbage that they are being fed 24/7 on the internet, by their constituents, and they bought into this big lie. And the question is how are we going to really almost deprogram these people who have signed up for the cult of Trump.”


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