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New CNN boss Jeff Zucker’s plan to revamp the network’s morning lineup hit a speed bump last week with the revelation that Erin Burnett doesn’t want to make the switch from primetime unless the network coughs up more money.

BurnettAccording to the New York Post’s Page Six, that has sent Zucker looking for another host, with NBC’s Tamron Hall being at the top of the list, along with current CNN anchors Suzanne Malveaux and Brooke Baldwin.

Zucker may covet Hall, but she still has a year left on her contract, so a move to CNN is highly unlikely at this time.

RadarOnline reported that Burnett was officially offered the morning position, but is playing hard to get in an attempt to negotiate a better deal.

Burnett is being paid $2.5 million and has a clause in her contract which states that her show must be aired in primetime, giving her some negotiating leverage with CNN.

But given her less than stellar ratings, Burnett might not want to push Zucker and CNN too far, otherwise she could find herself without any show.

CNN is still a work in progress. Based on Zucker’s struggles with Burnett, it is becoming clear just how big a challenge he faces in trying to turn the network around.

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