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cnn john king mocks obama ambassador qualifications

The strain between the mainstream media and the White House became more evident on Tuesday when CNN hosts John King and Alisyn Camerota openly mocked President Obama’s appointment of two of his campaign contributors, who obviously lacked any qualifications to serve as a U.S. Ambassador.

The two appointments in question were Colleen Bell, who is best known for being the producer of the television soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful, to serve as the U.S. Ambassador to Hungary; and Noah Mamet, who donated $500,000 to Obama’s 2012 campaign, as the U.S. Ambassador to Argentina and who admitted last year during the nomination hearings that he has never been to the country, nor does he speak Spanish.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest struggled to defend Bell, and cited her “distinguished private sector career” as her main qualification to serve as an ambassador in a key strategic area of the world. He denied that she was appointed based on her financial contributions to the Obama campaign.

King and Camerota then poked fun at the spoils system that rewarded these two contributors:

King:  I offer myself up, Alisyn as we get back to New York, I’m going to find a small island with a beautiful beach, rum drinks and umbrellas and all that, that I’ve never been to and I offer myself up. I just, unfortunately, can’t make any political contributions so I don’t think I’m going to get the job.

Camerota: Ambassador to Bermuda? Ambassador to Fiji? Any of those things suit your fancy?

King: Never been to Fiji, so you’re on, you got it! Thank you, Madame President.

While ambassadorial appointments have been used by the presidents of both parties to reward contributors, the nominations of Mamet and Bell may be two of the worst nominees in recent history, only reminding the public of Obama’s foreign policy ineptitude.

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