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CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta let loose on President Trump during a Citizen CNN event, saying that covering Trump rallies depresses him and that Trump’s attacks on the press are nothing more than “reality TV shtick.”

“If you want to ask me what makes me most depressed about my job, it’s covering the rallies,” Acosta said. “It gets to the larger point of what it’s like covering the president of the United States, and in particular Donald Trump … In many ways the danger is not what Trump is doing to America, the danger is how America is changing under Trump.”

Watching the president whip people up into a frenzy to attack the press is “the most depressing thing I have ever witnessed as a journalist,” Acosta said.

CNN, and Acosta in particular, have been frequent targets of Trump’s attacks on the media and fake news. Acosta said it was some sort of “act” by Trump, but one that many people take as being serious.

“I think he goes after the press — and this is what I’ve been told time and again — as sort of an ‘act’ … I’ve been told by so many people that this is an act and he’s just doing his reality TV shtick, and instead of ‘you’re fired,’ it’s ‘you’re fake news,”’ said Acosta.

The thing that people don’t get is that this is an act,” he continued. “They think this is deadly serious and so they take up the cause and they come after us.”

Acosta acknowledged that previous administrations have had adversarial relationships with the press … “but this is on a totally different level,” he said.





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