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CNN Hits the Century Mark for Poor Ratings

CNN which has been struggling in the ratings wise achieved the dubious distinction of finishing fourth or worse in a key demographic segment for the 100th time this year.

CNN does beat MSNBC in a few slots but that is nothing more than a pyrrhic victory since they are getting crushed by Fox News across the board.

From Mediaite [1]

Cable news ratings, August 16, 2010: Check out the highlights, and see the full ratings below:

• CNN’s prime time is slated for a major revamp in the fall – and it will have some major ground to make-up when that happens. On Monday, CNN finished fourth in prime time in the A25-54 demographic, behind FNC, MSNBC and HLN, for the 100th time this year. That amounts to approximately 60% of the year. Rick Sanchez [2] was at 8pm, Larry King [3] at 9pm and Dr. Sanjay Gupta at 10pmET.

Keith Olbermann [4]’s repeat had more viewers in the A25-54 demographic than Rachel Maddow [5]’s 9pmET show, both at 8pmET and in his repeat at 10pmET. > Update: Maddow was out Monday night.

Fox News CNN MSNBC CNN Headline News
5 pm Beck590 Blitzer168 Matthews143 Showbiz85
6 pm Baier476 Blitzer157 Ed Show157 Prime91
7 pm Shep415 King, USA137 Matthews124 Issues134
8 pm O’Reilly703 Sanchez118 Olbermann263 Grace166
9 pm Hannity518 King119 Maddow185 Behar115
10 pm Greta482 Cooper151 Olbermann220 Grace144
11 pm O’Reilly492 Cooper144 Maddow132 Showbiz157
TOTAL DAY 320 114 123 126
PRIME TIME 568 130 222 140
Data by Nielsen Media Research. Live and same day (DVR) data.
Fox News CNN MSNBC CNN Headline News
5 pm Beck2085 Blitzer542 Matthews464 Showbiz222
6 pm Baier1999 Blitzer474 Ed Show508 Prime221
7 pm Shep1654 King, USA378 Matthews500 Issues443
8 pm O’Reilly2942 Sanchez378 Olbermann1005 Grace605
9 pm Hannity1995 King539 Maddow685 Behar389
10 pm Greta1759 Cooper555 Olbermann537 Grace322
11 pm O’Reilly1475 Cooper388 Maddow291 Showbiz284
TOTAL DAY 1139 379 339 286
PRIME TIME 2232 491 742 428
Data by Nielsen Media Research. Live and same day (DVR) data