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No matter how much Hillary Clinton tries to downplay her use of a private email server while secretary of state, the issue just won’t go away and questions about her trustworthiness will linger, according to a panel on CNN’s Inside Politics.

CNN reporter Maeve Reston noted that the New Hampshire town hall on Wednesday was “a very, very tough event” for Clinton, and that “There were a whole series of questions that got at this trust issue for her. It really is lingering among Democrats, as much as everyone likes to say that the email issue doesn’t matter to Democrats. It really does to some of them that have doubts.”

Reston’s CNN colleague, Jeff Zeleny, told the panel that Clinton had gone from being contrite about the emails, calling it an “error in judgment,” to “there’s nothing to see here,” adding that the issue isn’t going away any time soon.

“This is still going to go on. It’s still not as big of an issue in the Democratic primary, but it will linger, linger, linger in the general election if she gets there,” Zeleny said.

The Atlantic‘s Molly Ball said that Clinton’s supporters are worried that the lack of trustworthiness will hurt her in the election.

“Even some of Hillary’s supporters, what I hear is, ‘I don’t think this is an issue but I have so many friends, especially female friends, who don’t trust her, and I’m worried about that in a general election or even in the primary,’” Ball said.

That fear is real as polls have consistently shown that a large percentage of Americans don’t trust Hillary. While this may not be a big factor in the Democratic primaries, it could be a big problem in the general election for someone who was considered invincible just a year ago.

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