“I think they’re stickin’ with politics a little too much,” Turner said “They – they’d do better to have – a more balanced agenda. But that’s, you know, just one person’s opinion.”

Koppel also asked Turner about his relationship with Fox News founder and fellow billionaire Rupert Murdoch.

“He didn’t hate me,” Turner told Koppel “He envied me.”

That brought laughter from Koppel as Turner explained that he was ahead of Murdoch by a little bit–which was true at the founding of Fox News, but not today as he praised Murdoch for being one of the smartest guys in the media business.

Murdoch and the late Roger Ailes built Fox News into the juggernaut of cable news which now dominates virtually every time slot during which they broadcast and has kept the network at No. 1 for over fifteen consecutive years.

Turner spends most of his time on his sprawling Montana ranch as he battles Lewy body dementia which leaves him exhausted and forgetful.