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CNN New Day host Chris Cuomo called out Florida Gov. Rick Scott, Sen. Marco Rubio and Sen. Ted Cruz on Thursday, saying that they were afraid to answer questions about gun violence unless they were on Fox News.

“What are they afraid of? The mistake we’ve been making is, we don’t say by name the lawmakers of that particular state and what they have done or refused to do. So this morning, let’s undo the mistake,” Cuomo said.

Cuomo was backed up by fellow CNN colleague Brian Stelter.

“Rubio calls it an inexplicable tragedy,” Cuomo said. “It is the most easily explained tragedy you can have. He knows why this happens. Then you have Ted Cruz. None would come on this morning. They’re all on Fox, the mothership, because they don’t want to be asked about this.”

Cruz then tweeted on Friday morning that he had been interviewed by CNN on Thursday and asked when the interview would air.

Cruz, like most Republican politicians, feels that Democrats and mainstream media outlets are trying to politicize the Florida school shooting tragedy to enact stricter gun control legislation nationwide rather than try to find a solution to end this type of violence.

Cuomo responded with his own tweet Friday that Cruz had declined to come on his show, but that the offer still stands.

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