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I never thought I would say this but CNN and NPR have made the right call by refusing to run ads promoting a controversial movie that depicts President Bush being assassinated in October 2007.

The film “Death of a President” is directed by Britain’s Gabriel Range and is intended to portray what the director sees as the dire consequences of Bush’s global war on terrorism.

CNN for its part decided not to carry advertising for the film citing the “extreme nature of the movie’s subject matter” and NPR which doesn’t actually run ads but allows sponsorships decided that rather than confuse their listeners they will cover it as a news story since it will likely generate a significant amount of controversy. The ad ban also extends to CNN’s website though according to the supposedly conservative Fox network will carry the ads.

Maybe Murdoch is tilting the other way after all.

Despite the fact that the film deals with assassinating the President the distributors claim that the film doesn’t promote violence. In fact the distributors cofounder Chris Ball said in a statement. “It’s a powerfully cautionary tale about the pernicious effects of violence.”

I am sure that is the message moviegoers will take home with them.

The success of the movie is far from assured though as the largest chain Regal Entertainment Group refused to screen the movie along with smaller competitor Cinemark USA but it will have life in about 100 local and art-house venues across the country.

My prediction is for a quick death for this flick.

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