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Hillary Clinton has struggled over the last couple of weeks since launching her book tour for her new tome, Hard Choices. She stumbled yet again over the weekend in an interview with The Guardian, when she referred to her financial status as not being “truly well off,” despite the fact that the Clintons have earned over $100 million in speaking fees alone since leaving the White House in 2001.

Those remarks were a little too much for CNN’s Early Start anchors Miguel Marquez and Alison Kosik, who could barely contain themselves:

Marquez: This follows her comment about them struggling to afford mortgages on their estates. Critics say it’s another example of Clinton being out of touch with working Americans.

Kosik: Of their estates. More than one.

Marquez: ‘don’t know what to do with my millions. It’s very tough.’

Marquez may have been joking with his last remark, but it underscores just how badly Clinton has botched her book tour, especially when it comes to discussing her finances.

Clinton was still trying to live down her comments to Diane Sawyer earlier this month when she told the ABC anchor that she and Bill were “dead broke” when they left the White House in 2001. She said they couldn’t afford the mortgages on their homes and the cost of Chelsea’s education. Her latest remarks to The Guardian will only drive her falling favorability ratings down even more, and raise further questions about her readiness for a presidential campaign.

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