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cnbc joe kernen on foreign policy

CNBC’s Squawk Box co-anchor Joe Kernen blasted The New York Times for what he called its “moral superiority” in its reporting on the Senate report on the CIA’s enhanced interrogation techniques, while ignoring the results of a new Washington Post-ABC News poll which show that a wide majority of Americans support these techniques:

If The New York Times can occupy a position of moral superiority, they run with it–but I wonder if they know they’re talking to a country that’s at 51-28.

CNBC’s Washington correspondent John Harwood said that their polls since 9/11 have consistently shown that Americans favor a forward-leaning approach to this, which is what the Bush administration did. He added that Democrats can only push so far on the issue of CIA interrogation before it becomes a political liability.

Kernen also pointed out that this is not just a Bush-era issue:

The President himself, we’ve dropped a few drones where there may have been some unintended consequences as well. And the guys we do drop them on, we were not just trying to waterboard them. I think we’re trying to kill them, are we not?

The media and the left have gone crazy in their efforts to claim the moral high ground when it comes to the interrogation of terrorists and suspected terrorists. They hold the mistaken belief that these terrorists can be reasoned with, or convinced to give up information through friendly persuasion. While that may be true in a few cases, they are ignoring the results the CIA has achieved with their methods of enhanced interrogation—stopping short of torture—in keeping our country safe from further attacks.

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