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In an interview published this week in Newsweek former television star and now actor and director George Clooney is on a crusade to restore honor to the word “liberal.” Infuriated that it’s become a dirty word he told Newsweek “It blows my mind.” That “because [unlike conservatives] we don’t have to put the word “compassionate” in front of it to actually say we give a s?t about people. I’m going t keep saying ‘liberal’ as loud as I can and as often as I can.”

Clooney apparently will do just that as he directs and stars in a new movie “Good Night and Good Luck” which focuses on the confrontation between the legendary Edward R. Murrow and Senator Joseph McCarthy. How will it turn out? Read the following paragraph from Newsweek. When Murrow decides to take on McCarthy, whose reckless investigations into alleged communist infiltration of the government spread postwar paranoia across the land, fear seeps into the newsroom.

I think Clooney and Hollywood are paranoid. They feel the need to present this piece of revisionist history in an effort to defend their out of the mainstream way of thinking. In commenting on the situation today, Clooney says of journalists, “They’re the first writers of history. There is no civil-rights movement without journalists. There is no end of McCarthy. It’s been a tough time for journalists-if you ask a tough question of this administration, on a rare occasion when they have a press conference, you’re put in the back of the room, or you’re Maureen Dowd and you get your credentials pulled. To question anything about them is meant to be unpatriotic.” Since Clooney is giving journalists so much credit he should also mention how journalists misreported events in Vietnam that led to the end of the war and to genocide in Cambodia. Or how about without journalists reporting favorably about Saddam Hussein during the first Iraq War we might have been able to oust him and prevent further killings of Iraqi citizens by his regime.

As with most Hollywood liberals, Clooney lacks the facts and will not help restore honor to the word “liberal” whatever that is supposed to mean.

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