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Former Michigan governor and current Hillary Clinton surrogate Jennifer Granholm blamed her candidate’s consistently low honesty and trustworthiness numbers on Fox News and right-wing conservatives.

Granholm appeared on CNN’s New Day where co-host Alisyn Camerota asked her whether or not she appreciated the fact that Bernie Sanders hasn’t brought the issue up during the campaign. Granholm said yes, and then added that it is Fox News that is the biggest “purveyor of this myth” about Hillary.

Camerota quickly corrected Granholm, saying that it wasn’t just Fox News peddling this, but voters who are saying this when asked in exit polls. She then showed Granholm polls from New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Oklahoma where voters said they trusted Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton by a wide margin.

Granholm admitted that was true, but blamed it on the Right:

Of course, of course. And that is a result of the right wing putting out so much related to that question. They will continue to do that, and she’s got to continue to work on gaining the trust of the voters and they’re very well aware of that and they’re going to continue to do that. And this will continue to be an issue that the Republicans will peddle for sure.

The myth isn’t that Clinton is untrustworthy and dishonest—that’s the truth—the myth is that she is exactly the opposite, despite repeatedly being caught telling lies and trying to cover up her misdeeds as secretary of state.

Granholm and her fellow Democrats know this. But if they publicly admitted it, the Clinton campaign would implode, and the Democrats can’t afford that.


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