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During an interview on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos, Hillary Clinton blamed a “constantly changing set of standards” that applies only to her for why she hasn’t released the transcripts of her Wall Street speeches:

Stephanopoulos: That [Bernie Sanders] ad does hit the speaking fees that you have had to deal with so many times. And the question of whether you’ll release the transcripts. Even your strong supporter, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand here in New York, says you should release those transcripts. You said you’d do it when everybody else does, but what is the concern? That releasing those speeches would show you praising Wall Street?

Clinton: No, I don’t have any concerns like that. I’m just concerned about a constantly changing set of standards for everybody else but me. We have certain expectations when you run for president. One of which is release all of your tax returns since you have been in public life. That’s what I’ve done. 33 years are in the public domain. Eight are on my website. Now all of a sudden there’s a new standard. I’ve said, when it applies to everybody, you bet I’ll meet that standard as well.

Stephanopoulos: But not until then, even though Sen. Gillibrand said you would release them?

Clinton: In accordance to the standard I have set, I will do that. I’ve said that repeatedly.

The standard she has set. Not the standard that everyone else is abiding by.

Sens. Cruz and Sanders are barred from giving paid speeches due to Senate ethics rules, and Trump surely doesn’t need to give paid speeches to Wall Street, or any other group for that matter.

The longer Clinton delays releasing the transcripts, the more suspicion there will be that she is hiding something—which she obviously is—and it further undermines her claims of transparency.

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