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Hillary Clinton’s communications director Jennifer Palmieri, trying to do some damage control after Hillary’s disastrous press conference in Las Vegas on Tuesday only managed to make things worse when she told Bloomberg Politics editor John Heilemann on With All Due Respect that Clinton “really didn’t think it through” when she decided to use a private email account and server while serving as secretary of state:

I’ve encountered this a lot in politics where people think that the answer is a lot more complicated than it really is. She’s answered this many times and she did have her own e-mail account. Others had done it before and it was just more convenient and she kept it like that, and she didn’t really—that’s the thing, she didn’t really think it through. She has said, had she, she would have done it differently.

No, others had not done “it” before, if “it” means exclusively using a private email server, even for her government business. So I guess it depends on what the meaning of “it” is, to borrow a phrase from Bill Clinton.

Palmieri also struggled to answer Heilemann’s question about what Clinton asked to be done with her private emails:

To be deleted and beyond that I don’t know and beyond that I don’t understand. It’s like everyone’s an expert on inflating footballs and now everybody’s an expert on wiping servers. I don’t know how that all works.

So now we’re supposed to believe that not only did Hillary not know what it meant to wipe a server clean, but her communications director—who by the way uses computers to electronically communicate with supporters and the press—didn’t know either?

Clinton was hoping that the email scandal would just go away over time, but instead it has only grown larger and threatens to derail her campaign and just about kill any chance the Democrats have at retaining the White House.

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