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hillary clinton in south carolina

The Hillary Clinton campaign took a bit of a bizarre turn on Sunday when her campaign manager, Robby Mook, went on national television and denied the existence of polls showing that voters don’t trust her.

Face the Nation host John Dickerson asked Mook how Clinton overcomes the trust issue, which Democratic strategists and Clinton supporters see as her biggest issue in light of those polls.

“Well, first of all, no poll shows that voters don’t trust Hillary Clinton,” Mook said. “No poll says that.”

Mook apparently has been living in a bubble or is just in total denial that voters would dare question Clinton’s trustworthiness.

An ABC/Washington Post poll published on June 8th showed that just 41 percent of voters believe that Hillary is honest and trustworthy, with 52 percent saying she isn’t.

That aligns with an earlier CNN poll in which 42 percent found her honest and trustworthy with 57 percent saying she wasn’t.

The trust question is going to remain a big problem for Clinton until she fully answers questions regarding Benghazi, her private email server and Clinton Foundation contributions—answers that aren’t likely to come anytime soon, if at all.

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