Accuracy in Media

Sir Winston Churchill may have been voted the best Briton ever, but if a national curriculum proposal is approved the former Prime Minister will be relegated to the dust bin of history as he will be removed from a list of figures that secondary school children must learn about in Great Britain.

In a move to bring the national curriculum into the 21st century Churchill will no longer be taught and will be replaced with the more relevant topics of as drug and alcohol abuse, climate change (global warming) and genetically modified foods. 

This move has angered many in the U.K. including Churchill’s grandson Tory MP Nicholas Soames who called the proposal “total madness.”

That sentiment was echoed by schools secretary Ed Balls who said that “Churchill should be taught to all pupils and I shall be taking steps to ensure it is.”

Good for secretary Balls, but short of a massive public outcry he may be facing an uphill battle.

Churchill once said that “History will be written by the victors.” He was right, but he never imagined that the victors would be politically correct educators within his own country that are rewriting it and erasing his legacy.

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