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During an interview with HuffPost Live, Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd admitted that MSNBC’s evening line-up has a “liberal perspective,” while Fox News, due to Roger Ailes background, feels “more campaign-y:”

I think it’s a little bit different because, look, I’ve always thought the Roger Ailes political past sort of makes it, because he actually worked as an operative, it always feels a little more campaign-y than what gets accused on the MSNBC side. I certainly think at night there’s certainly a liberal perspective [and] a conservative perspective. I think in the daytime both channels would argue that there’s a lot more straight-forward reporting during the daytime, and I think there’s a lot of evidence to support that.

Todd’s “campaign-y” comment was a veiled reference to the liberal charge that Fox News is an arm of the Republican Party, while ignoring the balance that Fox offers on its shows when discussing politics. Todd also conveniently left out the fact that Hardball host Chris Matthews worked for former Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill for six years and has openly declared his allegiance to Hillary Clinton in 2016. Which network is more campaign-y again?

If Todd had answered the question honestly he might have said that Roger Ailes is a master programmer, as compared to MSNBC’s Phil Griffin, and that he is the reason that Fox has been the top rated cable news network for the last 12 years. He would have also said that MSNBC’s ratings are so bad that the future of liberal television is now in doubt. But that level of honesty was apparently too much for Todd to handle.


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