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Citing new NBC News surveys, Meet the Press host Chuck Todd said that there is a “negative trend happening here,” and that Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton’s favorability numbers are “dismal.”

Todd said that the surveys showed that 56 percent of the voters in Iowa have an unfavorable view of Clinton, with just 37 percent viewing her favorably. The numbers are almost identical in New Hampshire  with a 57-37 percent unfavorable-favorable view of Clinton.

Todd said that this has affected her lead over top Democratic rival Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). She now leads him by a 55-26 percent margin in Iowa—which is still sizable—but as Todd notes, she led Sanders by 61 points back in February. The news is worse for Clinton in New Hampshire, where her 56 point lead over Sanders has shrunk to just 13 points since February.

The negative favorability ratings in key swing states, combined with her shrinking lead over Sanders, reinforces what Todd said earlier last week; that Clinton doesn’t “wear well,” which is making Democrats very nervous about her chances in 2016.


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