Accuracy in Media

Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd blamed late Fox News founder Roger Ailes for creating an “echo chamber” that is largely responsible for the public’s distrust of the media.

Todd brought up the bias Sunday in an interview with Christian Broadcasting Network’s David Brody.

Brody disagreed with Todd’s claim, citing a June Gallup/Knight Foundation survey on bias, inaccuracy and misinformation in news reporting.

BRODY: Look, I think one of the best things going in Donald Trump‘s favor– we know this– is the mainstream media. I hate to say it. I know I’m sitting on a Meet the Press roundtable, but the truth of the matter is 62 percent think the media is biased. So, in other words, if you look at the approval ratings of Donald Trump versus the approval rating of the media —

TODD: The conservative echo chamber created that environment. It’s not – no. No, no, no. It has been a tactic and a tool of the Roger Ailes-created echo chamber.

BRODY: Yeah.

TODD: So let’s not pretend it’s not anything other than that.

BRODY: Well, hang on. Yes and no. Because remember, the independents are part of Donald Trump’s base. And I think that is very important. A lot of times we say, “Republicans are Donald Trump’s base.” Not really. They’re –

TODD: No, it’s a separate Trump – it’s a different version of the Republican party.

BRODY: But those independents also distrust media. This is not just Republicans. It’s many Americans across  –

TODD: Oh, no. No, no. I take your point. I’m just saying it was a creation — it was a campaign tactic. It’s not based in much fact.

The Gallup/ Knight survey found trust in the media has soared among Democrats from 51 percent to 72 percent this year driven by the perception that the media is acting as a watchdog over Trump and an increasingly hostile relationship between the White House and the press.

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